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Fat Quarter Resistance

21 Jul

I have resisted using Fat Quarters since I was introduced to them about 20 years ago when I worked at JoAnn Fabrics.  The mark-up was pretty outrageous back then, they were like pre-packaged food, more money per unit. 

For 20 years I never could wrap my head around fat-quarters, besides being overpriced, they were a tease.  What could you possibly make with a half of a half of a yard? 

So in the spirit of trying new things, (and the fact that a lot of the giveaways consist of fat quarters), I broke down and bought 4 fat quarters.

The challenge:  what can I do with these Fat Quarters???


Boring Old Fabric

3 Jul

I’m linking up with Amanda at Fabric Engineer for a Link Party on July 15th about our oldest fabric.  Here’s the link….


The oldest fabric I own is extremely boring.  I bought it in 1992, and its purpose was for a quilt for my brother for his 18th birthday.  The fabric was incorporated into the quilt, but I also bought enough because I wanted this fabric to be the backing.  I finally pulled the quilt top out in 2009 (when my brother was 32), and finished the borders, and was too lazy to create the quilt backing, so I bought a sheet and called it a day.

Attic Windows – First Quilt Completed

 At the same time, I realized my brother had changed tremendously since he was 18.  So in 2009, I created another quilt for him, one I felt was more “him”.  It just so happens I was able to incorporate this fabric into his “new” quilt.


Yet, that fabric keeps hanging in there…I am currently doing a quilt-block-a-day calender, and have incorporated the fabric, yet again, into a quilt block.

I actually really like this block, and I think I have plenty of my old fabric to make a quilt, if not, I can buy it at the store, because I just saw it the other day at the quilt shop!

Thanks to Amanda for letting me share.  Looking forward to seeing other “old fabrics” and the next Link Party!