Quilt Eleven

12 Feb

“…these all go to, eleven” – Nigel Tufnel, “Spinal Tap”, greatest movie ever.

I received some leftover blocks from a fellow blogger. Here is the original post…


Here is what I got;

These were fabrics that I wouldn’t choose for myself, but I enjoyed thinking outside the box, and really enjoyed the challenge.

Quilted by: Bayberry Quilts Www.bayberryquilts.com

I would never pick chartreuse, but thanks to a class with Laurie Shifrin, I was confident to put it in….

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One Response to “Quilt Eleven”

  1. Eileen February 18, 2013 at 8:07 AM #

    Nice Sarah… Wish I had the time and the patience to quilt again… Great Job…

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