Mango Tango by Laurie Shifrin

13 Aug

I took a class last Saturday at with Laurie Shifrin.  She is the author of “Batik Gems”, “Batik Beauties” and “Batiks and Beyond”.  She taught us her Mango Tango quilt. 

This is the only thing I sewed;

I am actuall short on the brown backround fabric!!!  I used “some” of it for my no-go Dresden quilt, and left myself short!  So…the search begins!

The class was jammed packed with information.  I learned sooooooooo much. Laurie was a very thoughtful instructor.  She has a ton of experience and knowledge, and all she wanted to do was share all of it.  She got in so much info in I was completely exausted when the class ended.  Even though I only sewed one block.  I have complete confidence that I will be able to finish this quilt with ease.  She not only said what to do, but she warned us of mistakes that could happen. 

 We spent two hours inspecting everyone’s color choices.  It may sound boring, but it was extremely informative.  I went from this,

To this,

Looking at everyone’s fabric through different eyes, was a great learning experience.  We learned how to pick out the oddballs, and add colors, no one would ever think of adding. 

The cutting instructions were great.  The little tips and tricks were awesome.  I am now not afraid to cut threw multiple layers of fabric! 

When I got home, I did a lot of cutting, but am afraid to move forward without getting the rest of my dark brown fabric that I am short.  If anyone knows the maker of the dark brown fabric, that would help me along in my search!

Laurie teaches mostly at in Seattle, Washington, and her website is


One Response to “Mango Tango by Laurie Shifrin”

  1. Eileen August 14, 2012 at 9:20 AM #

    Sounds like you had a great time… Sometimes I wish I still quilted.

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