The Ironing Board(s)

5 Aug

On August 15th, I’m linking with Amanda at Fabric Engineer to tell my story of my ironing board.  Yet another great topic by Amanda!


It has come to my attention that grubby ironing boards are normal!  Yeah!!!  So with pleasure I’m presenting my own grubby ironing board!

I also have spot right next to my machine for intstant pressing;

This consists of some scrap pieces of warm and natural, covered withe muslin.  I love this area right next to my machine. 

Sometime in the future, I would like a taller ironing board with more area to iron, and possibly one of those “tv tray” ironing boards I see tutorials for on some blogs.  Hoping to get some ideas from Amanda’s Link Party!


One Response to “The Ironing Board(s)”

  1. Amanda August 17, 2012 at 8:39 PM #

    I really like the idea of making an ironing board to fit your space too…I’ve been tossing the idea around since I read this a few weeks ago. (Sorry, I’m bad at commenting sometimes.) Oh, and I just realized it was with excess batting. I could totally do that.

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