Bargello – A Love/Hate Project

25 Jul

I have mixed feelings about my Bargello Quilt. 


I loved sewing these sections of the quilt.  I used the pattern from the book, “The Bargello Quilt Book”, by Piecemakers.  Their method of ironing each seam in opposite directions was great.  After “unsewing” the strips, and sewing them back to make the pattern, the seams actually “locked” into place.  I am still amazed at this.  I probably only pinned a few times, mostly with the 7/8ths strips…which leads to my…


The 7/8″ strips.  While sewing these, I said I would never do this again, but as I kept putting the quilt together, it really was quite simple. 

This particular quilt is going to  Their size limitation is the size of this quilt, so I will not be putting boarders on it.  I ordered a fabric today from, that I’m hoping will make a great backing…and binding.

All and all, I would like to do another Bargello quilt again, the next time, I will use the traditional light to dark fabrics.  The reason I didn’t with this quilt is because some of the fabrics came from my stash, and I knew it would be for a child, so I really wanted the bright colors. 

I will just remind myself to be PATIENT with the smaller strips, because, in the end, it really makes a great looking quilt!


One Response to “Bargello – A Love/Hate Project”

  1. Amanda July 26, 2012 at 9:10 PM #

    I love this quilt! I really like the colors. I’ve always looked on Bargellos with an awe…they look so hard to make. But some of your in-progess shots make me want to give it a try!

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