Slow Progress and Moving On

15 Jul

 I think I made a mistake. I read two different instructions on Bargello Quilts, one said press the seams all going one way, and the other said press every seam in opposite directions. Since I wasn’t making those particular patterns, and designing my own, and just getting the gist of the Bargello quilt style in general, I went with what I know;

Yes, all those seams are pressed open!

And I think I’m beginning to realize why this quilt top is taking so long!!! I feel like I have been working on this quilt for three weeks!

So I decided to put this quilt away, and come back to it fresh…and maybe with a little more experience.  Since then, I finally feel like I’m making some progression with other projects

First I took a Bargello class (after I attempted to make my own), and learned a great way to iron seams;

The directions of sewing each seam in opposite directions actually work great!  When I sewed the strips together, the seams actually “locked”, it was quite amazing!  (The book is “The Bargello Quilt Book”, by Piecemakers).  And the only time I needed any pinning was with the 7/8 inch strips.  Here is (almost) a third of the quilt I completed in class…

This is one of the quilts I’m donating as part of

Swim, Bike, Quilt
Along with these cut pieces for a simple Four-Patch quilt;
I also completed 3 quilt blocks from my quilt-block-a-day calendar (I’m still on February).  These aren’t meant to match, I’m just using scraps.
I wasn’t going to include the one that looks like a tree, because I’m not proud of the colors, but I wanted to be “real”  and show you my crummy work also 🙂
I am now working entirely on my Dresden quilt for the Dresden quilt challenge.  I’m real excited about it, and most important, it’s moving right along!!! 


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