30 days

6 Jul

It’s amazing what can happen in 30 days…Here is my June T0-Do list;

(Again, I apologize for the sideways picture, already spent too much time trying to figure out)

I didn’t touch anything on that list.  I did not sew one quilt-block-a-day.  Instead I kinda started four new projects, which means I bought quite a lot of fabric…which was definately NOT on my list.

I’m taking two quilting classes this summer.  The first one in July is a Bargello quilt.  I have decided to make this for a children’s charity, probably www.quiltsforkids.org unless I can find something local.  The back will be a Four-Patch, and the borders of the Four-Patch will be the binding for the Bargello.  All the strips are cut and ready for class.  Here are the fabrics;

The August class is a Mango Tango by Laurie Shifrin herself!!!  (Classes are taken at www.quiltsandtreasuresinc.com .  I am actually making a queen size!  Here are the fabrics (not yet cut btw);

Of course, the Bargello flag quilt, I’m a little scared there may be too much red and white in the quilt, but we’ll see.

please tilt head 90 degrees to the left to get the correct visual of the wave

 And the last project…the Dresden Quilt Challenge.  I wasn’t going to do it, but I bought the EZ Dresden ruler, made two blades and was hooked.  Now, I have made so many blades to play with, here is a sample…  

So I decided not to do a July To-Do list because I know what has to be done.  The Dresden quilt needs to get to the quilter by August 1st, and the the Bargello flag needs to get to the quilter by Sep 1st.

Oh, and why am I taking a Bargello quilt class when I am already working on my Bargello flag quilt?  Well, those tid bits you get from going to class.   Ironing, sewing strips, and socialization.

See you in 30 days!!!!


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