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Bargello – A Love/Hate Project

25 Jul

I have mixed feelings about my Bargello Quilt. 


I loved sewing these sections of the quilt.  I used the pattern from the book, “The Bargello Quilt Book”, by Piecemakers.  Their method of ironing each seam in opposite directions was great.  After “unsewing” the strips, and sewing them back to make the pattern, the seams actually “locked” into place.  I am still amazed at this.  I probably only pinned a few times, mostly with the 7/8ths strips…which leads to my…


The 7/8″ strips.  While sewing these, I said I would never do this again, but as I kept putting the quilt together, it really was quite simple. 

This particular quilt is going to  Their size limitation is the size of this quilt, so I will not be putting boarders on it.  I ordered a fabric today from, that I’m hoping will make a great backing…and binding.

All and all, I would like to do another Bargello quilt again, the next time, I will use the traditional light to dark fabrics.  The reason I didn’t with this quilt is because some of the fabrics came from my stash, and I knew it would be for a child, so I really wanted the bright colors. 

I will just remind myself to be PATIENT with the smaller strips, because, in the end, it really makes a great looking quilt!


Fat Quarter Resistance

21 Jul

I have resisted using Fat Quarters since I was introduced to them about 20 years ago when I worked at JoAnn Fabrics.  The mark-up was pretty outrageous back then, they were like pre-packaged food, more money per unit. 

For 20 years I never could wrap my head around fat-quarters, besides being overpriced, they were a tease.  What could you possibly make with a half of a half of a yard? 

So in the spirit of trying new things, (and the fact that a lot of the giveaways consist of fat quarters), I broke down and bought 4 fat quarters.

The challenge:  what can I do with these Fat Quarters???

Slow Progress and Moving On

15 Jul

 I think I made a mistake. I read two different instructions on Bargello Quilts, one said press the seams all going one way, and the other said press every seam in opposite directions. Since I wasn’t making those particular patterns, and designing my own, and just getting the gist of the Bargello quilt style in general, I went with what I know;

Yes, all those seams are pressed open!

And I think I’m beginning to realize why this quilt top is taking so long!!! I feel like I have been working on this quilt for three weeks!

So I decided to put this quilt away, and come back to it fresh…and maybe with a little more experience.  Since then, I finally feel like I’m making some progression with other projects

First I took a Bargello class (after I attempted to make my own), and learned a great way to iron seams;

The directions of sewing each seam in opposite directions actually work great!  When I sewed the strips together, the seams actually “locked”, it was quite amazing!  (The book is “The Bargello Quilt Book”, by Piecemakers).  And the only time I needed any pinning was with the 7/8 inch strips.  Here is (almost) a third of the quilt I completed in class…

This is one of the quilts I’m donating as part of

Swim, Bike, Quilt
Along with these cut pieces for a simple Four-Patch quilt;
I also completed 3 quilt blocks from my quilt-block-a-day calendar (I’m still on February).  These aren’t meant to match, I’m just using scraps.
I wasn’t going to include the one that looks like a tree, because I’m not proud of the colors, but I wanted to be “real”  and show you my crummy work also 🙂
I am now working entirely on my Dresden quilt for the Dresden quilt challenge.  I’m real excited about it, and most important, it’s moving right along!!! 

Sewing Room!

8 Jul

Quick shot of the sewing center;

I have to have the iron right next to the machine for some projects.  It is just a left over piece of Warm & Natural with a piece of muslin. 

I just have the essentials near the machine, the less-used tools are stored somewhere else.  I don’t know why, but I’ve always put trash (small scrap clippings and thread ends) right on the table.  For one, it’s easier, and maybe I like to see how little gets thrown away during the week.

The all important design center.  I love my standing desk!  This is also where I put my laptop when on the computer.  It’s just two steps from design wall, and it is great to stand and play with all the color combonations.  To the right is just one of my fabric storage places.  🙂

The set up is actually in my living room.  It has great light and GREAT space.  I tried sticking my sewing area in the guest room, but I never went in there.  I felt like I was in a cave or something.  The room is a WIP, as I feel like I don’t have enough counter space, or good lighting is a couple of the corners. 

I love being able to snoop into other people’s sewing rooms.  So I’ve linked up with Pink Chalk Studio to check some out!


30 days

6 Jul

It’s amazing what can happen in 30 days…Here is my June T0-Do list;

(Again, I apologize for the sideways picture, already spent too much time trying to figure out)

I didn’t touch anything on that list.  I did not sew one quilt-block-a-day.  Instead I kinda started four new projects, which means I bought quite a lot of fabric…which was definately NOT on my list.

I’m taking two quilting classes this summer.  The first one in July is a Bargello quilt.  I have decided to make this for a children’s charity, probably unless I can find something local.  The back will be a Four-Patch, and the borders of the Four-Patch will be the binding for the Bargello.  All the strips are cut and ready for class.  Here are the fabrics;

The August class is a Mango Tango by Laurie Shifrin herself!!!  (Classes are taken at .  I am actually making a queen size!  Here are the fabrics (not yet cut btw);

Of course, the Bargello flag quilt, I’m a little scared there may be too much red and white in the quilt, but we’ll see.

please tilt head 90 degrees to the left to get the correct visual of the wave

 And the last project…the Dresden Quilt Challenge.  I wasn’t going to do it, but I bought the EZ Dresden ruler, made two blades and was hooked.  Now, I have made so many blades to play with, here is a sample…  

So I decided not to do a July To-Do list because I know what has to be done.  The Dresden quilt needs to get to the quilter by August 1st, and the the Bargello flag needs to get to the quilter by Sep 1st.

Oh, and why am I taking a Bargello quilt class when I am already working on my Bargello flag quilt?  Well, those tid bits you get from going to class.   Ironing, sewing strips, and socialization.

See you in 30 days!!!!

Bargello Flag Quilt Project

3 Jul

OOPS!  Got so excited, I started sewing the “wave” backwards, the “wave” should go up!

That’s what I’m talking about!


Boring Old Fabric

3 Jul

I’m linking up with Amanda at Fabric Engineer for a Link Party on July 15th about our oldest fabric.  Here’s the link….


The oldest fabric I own is extremely boring.  I bought it in 1992, and its purpose was for a quilt for my brother for his 18th birthday.  The fabric was incorporated into the quilt, but I also bought enough because I wanted this fabric to be the backing.  I finally pulled the quilt top out in 2009 (when my brother was 32), and finished the borders, and was too lazy to create the quilt backing, so I bought a sheet and called it a day.

Attic Windows – First Quilt Completed

 At the same time, I realized my brother had changed tremendously since he was 18.  So in 2009, I created another quilt for him, one I felt was more “him”.  It just so happens I was able to incorporate this fabric into his “new” quilt.


Yet, that fabric keeps hanging in there…I am currently doing a quilt-block-a-day calender, and have incorporated the fabric, yet again, into a quilt block.

I actually really like this block, and I think I have plenty of my old fabric to make a quilt, if not, I can buy it at the store, because I just saw it the other day at the quilt shop!

Thanks to Amanda for letting me share.  Looking forward to seeing other “old fabrics” and the next Link Party!